Mainstage Cosplay

Welcome to the M.A.G.E. page about our official costume contest, held on Saturday at the convention in our main events room. Join us for your opportunity to show off your costume, and compete for some cool prizes.

While we make every effort to have the complete and final rules published, we may need to make adjustments or modifications to the rules at any time to improve the clarity of the rules or the operation of the cosplay events.

Mainstage Grand Cosplay Contest Categories

Must be 13+ years of age to enter.

The Grand Cosplay has two categories: Performance & Craftsmanship. Entries may choose to compete in one or both categories if they qualify. There will be one winner chosen per skill level in craftsmanship,as well as a “Best Performance” and a "Best in Show." There may also be honorable mentions or "shout outs", however they will not receive any official award or prize.

Craftsmanship Rules

Craftsmanship is broken down into three divisions based on the competitors' experience and previous awards. Competitors will be assigned a division based on information given on the sign-up form.

  1. Costume(s) must be handmade by the contestant.
  2. Outfits do not need to be worn by the creator so long as the costume creator is present at the convention during judging.
  3. If an outfit includes a combination of created and purchased items, at least 80% of the costume must have been created or altered in a significant manner.
  4. While a build book is not required, contestants must be able to present progress photos upon request.

Judging Divisions:

For group entries, the contestant with the highest level of experience determines the category. For example, if a group has two beginners and one experienced crafter they must compete in the experienced division.

Craftsmanship Pre-judging:

All contestants competing in craftsmanship are required to attend pre-judging Saturday of the convention. Pre-judging is a one on one session with the judges that allows the contestant to explain their crafting process while allowing the judges to see the custom up close.

Judges have the right to determine a costume's eligibility and whether or not a costume meets the craftsmanship requirements. If the judges have any valid reason to suspect that they are being misled or misinformed regarding the process of creating the costume, they may determine that an entry is disqualified. Disqualification decisions must be unanimous from all judges.

Walk Ons

Those only competing in craftsmanship will go on stage as a walk on. Think of it like a fashion show! Contestants will walk to far stage for pose #1, near stage for pose #2, and center stage for pose #3, making sure to hold each pose for 3-5 seconds.

Contestants may provide custom audio/music to be played during their walk on, otherwise generic music will be provided. See the audio section for more details.

Performance Rules

General Rules

Check In

All contestants are required to check-in at the cosplay table Friday of the convention.


We run a full runthrough at all of our competitions to ensure the best show possible! Competitors will verify their stage name and introduction with the MC, receive full instruction on posing and stage directions, as well as getting a practice run of the show.

*Run-through will take place during the two hours directly before the costest.
**Run-through is MANDATORY. If you are not present for the run-through you will be disqualified from the competition.



Good quality audio, that is not too-soft at some parts and too-loud at others, will make or break your performance scripts. If you have pre-recorded sounds or dialogue, the importance of the quality of your audio can not be overstated.

More Rules

The Cosplay Director, or convention management in cases of safety/liability, have the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of legal liability risks, appropriateness to the competition, public interest, discrimination (such as performances that target individuals of a protected class), risk or hazard to the audience, the venue, the entrant, other entrants, violation of any of the above rules, or for any other reason deemed sufficient for disqualification.
Online signup is available when the con is between 60 and 2 days from now. You can sign up at the con until we're full.